Aston™ 質譜儀簡化天然氣監測鏈
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Aston™ 質譜儀簡化天然氣監測鏈

Atonarp Aston™ 質譜儀簡化天然氣監測鏈
天然氣成分分析是天然氣資源開採, 儲存, 運輸, 混合並交付給終端客戶過程中供應鏈監管的關鍵部分. 在供應鏈的每個階段, 氣體及其雜質的組成決定了產品價值(熱值). 伯東公司 Aston™ 質譜儀是一款高度集成, 易於使用的緊湊型 ICP-MS, 適用於監管轉移和生產井天然氣分析應用.
Analysis of natural gas composition is a critical part of chain of custody as natural gas resources are extracted, stored, transported, blended, and delivered to end customers. Through each stage of the supply chain, the composition of the gas and its impurities determines the (thermal) value of the product. Atonarp Aston is a highly integrated, easy-to-use, compact ICP-MS for transfer of custody and production well natural gas analysis applications.

天然氣的真實價值取決於碳氫化合物和污染物的混合物. 挑戰在於在監管移交期間或在生產測試期間在天然氣井口快速準確地測量天然氣成分. 確定天然氣組成的摩爾分數濃度不僅是確定每單位體積提取氣體的 BTU 值的關鍵, 也是確定硫和其他污染物以及生產井經濟可行性的關鍵. 典型的天然氣成分見下表
The true value of the natural gas is dependent on the mix of hydrocarbons and contaminants. The challenge is to measure natural gas composition quickly and accurately during transfer of custody, or at natural gas well-heads during production testing. Establishing mole fraction concentrations of the makeup of naturalgas is key to not o nly establishing BTU values per unit volume of extracted gas, but also to identify sulfur and other contaminants and the economic viability of a production well. Typical natural gas composition can be seen in Table 1 (right).


Typical Analysis
(mole %)

(mole %)

甲烷 Methane


87.0 - 98.0

乙烷 Ethane


1.5 - 9.0

丙烷 Propane


0.1 - 1.5

異丁烷 iso - Butane


trace - 0.3

正常-丁烷 normal - Butane


trace - 0.3

異戊烷 iso - Pentane


trace - 0.04

正常-戊烷 normal - Pentane


trace - 0.04

己烷類 Hexanes plus


trace - 0.06

氮氣 Nitrogen


0.2 - 5.5

二氧化碳 Carbon Dioxide


0.05 - 1.0

氧氣 Oxygen


trace - 0.1

氫氣 Hydrogen


trace - 0.05

比重 Specific Gravity


0.57 - 0.62

總加熱值 Gross Heating Value (MJ / m3)


36.0 - 40.2

硫 Sulphur

4 mg/m3


水蒸氣 Water Vapor



伯東公司日本 Atonarp Aston™ 質譜儀簡化天然氣監測鏈
天然氣監管鏈的分析測量歷來使用複雜, 龐大的氣相色譜質譜 GC-MS.分析.  此外, 昂貴的載氣(如氦氣或氬氣)通常用作氣相色譜樣品製備的一部分, 對樣品的全面分析可能需要數十分鐘的時間來處理, 如果沒有並行部署多台儀器, 則無法進行快速的原位測量.  此外, 通常需要熟練的技術人員來設置和管理使用 GC-MS 進行的分析.
Analytical measurement for natural gas chain of custody has historically used complex, bulky gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS) analysis. Additionally, expensive carrier gases like helium or argon are typically used as part of gas chromatography sample preparation and full analysis of a sample can take tens of minutes to process, making fast, in-situ measure ents impractical without multiple instruments being deployed in parallel. Further, a skilled technician is typically required to set-up and manage the on-going analysis with GC-MS.

井口氣體測試更加複雜, 因為需要運輸敏感的儀器和訓練有素的技術人員進入井內並進行現場測量. 通常在崎嶇不平的地形中進行.
Well-head gas testing is further complicated by the need to transport sensitive instrumentation and trained technicians to access the well and make on-site field measurements, often in harsh or rugged terrain.

Aston™ 支持原位質譜, 無需使用傳統氣相色譜質譜解決方案即可進行快速, 定量的氣體分析. 樣品可以在幾秒鐘內完成分析, 靈敏度達到十億分之幾, 無需專業技術人員支持即可輕鬆實現. 高度集成和緊湊的 Aston ICP-MS 系統的尺寸通常不到傳統 GC-MS 的三分之一, 體積小且堅固耐用, 無需專門的處理或載氣瓶即可運輸到現場進行測試.
Samples can be analyzed in a matter of seconds, with sensitivity levels to parts per billion levels, and easily achievable without specialized technician support. The highly integrated and compact Aston ICP-MS system is typically less than one-third the size of legacy GC-MS and is small and robust enough to transport to field
testing sites without the need of specialized handling or carriergas bottles.
Aston™ 質譜儀

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